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Level 50 gear aesthetic


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I hate to complain as my first post--I'm enjoying the game a good deal, almost have my second level 50--but it's really concerning me that the level 50 gear, in general, looks terrible.


I understand this is my personal opinion, but I highly doubt I'm alone in this. The level 40 pvp gear looks excellent, almost every single piece of gear I've had leveling looks great. The level 50 gear, on the other hand, is an embarrassment.


The PVP counselor gear: looks like something a homeless person would wear, and the PVE gear doesn't fit at all with a shadow.


The PVP Knight gear: What can I say... ***? Seriously? The PVE gear looks great though.


The PVP Inquis gear: this might be OK for a Sorc, but an Assn? It looks ridiculous for an Assn.


Alot of the others are just Blah, the PVP Sith warrior gear is passable, but not great.


So tell me, Bioware, when are you going to give me a reason to grind endgame gear?

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