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Request: Zabrak without facial tattoos


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I think this was a good idea, don't know why it was forgotten. Tattoos are a social tradition, not a genetic characteristic, as the different colors of togruta skins. So, what if my zabrak just didn't want to get tattooed, or if he or she was born far from Iridonia, in a family very influenced by other cultures so they didn't even tell my zabrak about this tradition?.


Deffinitely, a non tattoo option should be added for this and all other races with that characteristic.

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...or port the Zabrak female hairstyle #6 to other races.


You know that Zabrak without tattoos is culturally impossible, unless you're a very small child, right?

Iridonians have them, Dathomirians have them.

Even Zabrak spacers get tattoos done.

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