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GameTrailers Gives SWTOR 8.6 - video review


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Review was spot on. Especially the part about how each class is dps and either tank/heal. I also found it fair that it was mostly cutscenes shown and not actual gameplay.


clearly they researched the game a lot for this review.


I wonder if they tanked or healed on their sentinels...


although they did at least mention the clunky, unenjoyable combat style... not sure why they still give this above an 8 given the fact that it's a game with an admittedly bad GAMEplay style...

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He said the games sound track is amazing throughout.













Yeah it is a decent sound track when you hear it once a week.


Yeah , havent heard any music yet ... Really weird ..

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The only reason they didnt give it more is because they wanted it to do more things differently than WoW. Wich is actually a funny criticism to the haters that keep clamoring for more glorified WoW features. Edited by Nemmar
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