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possible solution to rep emp imbalances


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Emp outnumbers Rep. give republic a major exp boost, after my long 6day grind to 50 last thing i want to do is level up another toon. i will however, along with much of my guild and a vast majority of players on my emp heavy server, level a new rep toon if a major exp boost was given only to that side. I dont mean a small 25 or 50 i mean a 300 percent boost. rep and emp is so imbalanced that it is really damaging the server status. when i started playing on darkreaper 2 days before launch it was fairly balanced. in a q i would face rep's fairly often but today out of 6 hours spent pvping i only faced them once. more and more reps are rerolling empire toons and the only way to fix this issue is by giving that side a MAJOR boost. giving them better stats or gear is stupid it will only lead in a major migration to rep side. but the exp boost will make the majority of empire players start new toons just to level them up and take advantage of this boost. I wouldnt expect this boost to be give out and left out until the end of days, but keep it up for 2-3 weeks and then re institute it until all servers are balanced out. Free server transfers will only lead to a mass migration of the very little rep players to huttle together on one server and completely screw over all other servers, while a faction change will really mess up with the story and lore of the game. by allowing a major boost like 300 exp, this will allow players to take advantage and powerlevel new rep side toons. In order for this to work it has to be only rep side, beacause new players will be more prone to taking rep side becuase of this boost and emp players will also take advantage while still having theyr empire toons to active. me and my guild will hope on something like that and i guarantee servers will become more balanced. I wouldnt suggest something this desperate if i hadnt seen how bad many servers have gotten. this needs to be implimented right away, because really there is no other choice for bioware. anything else would be dull and might takeaway from gameplay. yes 300 percent will take away too but not to the extent of a faction change or server xfer. please consider this idea as i know it worked like magic in aion... and aion's imbalnces were not as bad as swtor. ive come to really enjoy this game and care about it, i dont want to see it fail because of such a tiny issue that can be fixed extremely easily. Please consider this thank you :)
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