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Why BIOWARE??? why??? this is so sad....


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This is BAD balancing and think of all the 50`s on the imp side that wipes the floor with the republic players in pvp. Well now we know why: ( Taken from an earlier post,not my own info )



(((( 1.) trooper mortar volley travel time verses BH death drom above instant!!!


2.) consular animation delays verses their counterpart instant !!!


3.) convert the trooper pool of energy to BH energy BH has 4% more -

same for another classes energy i forget which one


4.) IA can do dirty kick on the run without stopping while Smuggler has to stop perform action then move


5.) 2 of the 3 turrets on Alderaan civil war is facing the republic ship as default. When the republic side captures them they need to turn and then start to shoot, while if the imps take it they shoot right away instantly. AND the ticks go faster down on the Republic side than the imps side.


6.) force way has animation that makes republic jump up then come down before it goes off

empires is instant ... very rough across the bridge in voidstar and in huttball


7.) empires knockbacks are farther


8.) instant lightening no travel time ... rocks have longer animation til impact


9.) IA gets gets 30 secs less on its cc grenade cooldown than smuggler


10.) electrocute ignores resolve bar and even dodge it gets through everything ... force stun DOES NOT!!!


11.) smuggler sabo charge requires again you guessed it longer period of time .. IA instant!!!!


12.) IA backstab instant - Smuggler has animation to pull out shotgun to deal with !!!!


14.) im tired of listing them someone else take over )))



I am asking for someone to come up with some proof that this is not legit??? I hope to god that this is false information. Please make a counter statement to all the examples!

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Hey folks,


While we do appreciate and read feedback, both positive and negative, we do ask that said feedback is constructive and respectful. If you need some guidelines for doing so, we do have a post here via our Dev Tracker that explains it:



We'll be closing this thread, but do encourage folks to post constructive feedback about the game in future threads. Thanks for your understanding!

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