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Yes, I know the odds of this being read by BW but I don't care. I wanted to take a minute and post some coherent observations.




1.) Companion attacks need to be triggered by more than just your basic level 1 attack. I don't know of any class that opens with the basic attack past level 2.


2.) Corso Riggs - He needs some serious tweaks. On my other characters my companions will continue on to attack other hostiles in the group that I am not targeting after one of us takes damage or after I tell them to attack via action bar. If I tell Corso to attack a target he will only attack that one target in when it's dead he will stand there till I get swarmed. This is especially painful on Taris with the ghoul packs.




1.) Please fix the bug that has your companions despawn after elevator transistions in flashpoints ect. It's annoying to have to recall them every time.


2.) (Related to 1) Please fix the bug that turns companion skills back on after we turn them off when companion respawns. Corso's harpoon gun is a prime example of this.




1.) Please implement stacking in inventory for stackable items such as crafting materials. It's annoying to have to stack things manually after I get them from the mail.




1.) Slicing - I know there has been huge noise on these boards about slicing. Personally I have no issue with how it currently works since it's considered a gathering skill and I find plenty pf safes lying around to gather. I would like to note though that I seem to be getting some odd results when I do use the crew skills window to send folks on slicing missions. If I use Mako, who has a positive slicing buff, I almost always get results less than the cost (which is the heart of all the crying I know) but if I use Kalylio (no buff) I find myself getting almost double cost most of the time. So far I haven't seen anything pointing to RNG as the cause. The behavior has been consistent for the last couple of days.


2.) Crafting - I would suggest that there be something on the crafting UI letting you know to train. I would suggest a mirror of how skills currently work i.e. how you see the skills you need to train listed under your abilities.


3.) I would suggest that a component be added that changes the dancer outfits to more like what the projected ones use (leggings and tops) via either a tie in to the profanity filter or a separate toggle.

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