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I am very certain that people who are dumb in PVP, that means those who only farm medals, don't pass etc. will also fail the cannon encounter.



Make it so that BEFORe you enter a warzone, you have to undergo the collicoid event.



Now the idea is to create a warzone where only collicoid idiots play and one where the non idiots play.


Then the idiots can farm themselves.




Problem solved. QED

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ok so i can farm medals and win at the same time and either way win or lose i will end up with at least 8 medals as a tank.

the only difference between a win and a loss with the same amount of medals is maybe 30 coms tops and maybe 2-400 valor difference. xp and $ dont matter to me since im 50.


just because you lose because you "feel" that you are the only one trying to "win" doesnt mean you should come to the forums and rage cry.

there is simply no way for you to prove that there are more imps than republic and even if there were by some chance more imps thans reps i guarentee that some of the imp guilds will re-roll reps eventually to have a better competition. and you will know when that happens because they will act like elitests with inflames egos because on their imps they were much better than you.

perks of being able to have both factions on one server.

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