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Remove morality restrictions on color crystals!


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Please! Can we please have the morality restrictions on Red, Blue, and (especially) Green color crystals removed? First of all, we already know there are ways around it. It's just a hassle.


Second, I get the idea but in reality it's just a pointless restriction keeping people from making characters the way they want to. I mean I know blue often represents good and red represents evil, but not always. Red can mean love or any kind of passion, and blue can mean sadness or loneliness. And I know Luke used a green saber in RotJ, but green has plenty of negative symbolism: envy, greed, rotten corrupt. Especially a yellowish green looks toxic or poisonous.


So here's my issue. My main character is a Sith Sorceror, and is dark aligned because he's corrupt and does anything for power. But he can't have a green saber. Now not only is green my favorite color but I wanted a black and green color scheme for him. It would look really evil and super bad***, but I can't have my green saber!


So most of all, I'm begging, PLEASE remove the morality restrictions! On another note, I would also like to see a larger selection of colors. I'm thinking a yellowish green, an orange with a hue a bit closer to red, an indigo, I haven't seen the cyan yet but maybe a more bluish green color.


If this stuff isn't already being worked on, please consider it.

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