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Catch phrases


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All of the dialogue reusing has made it feel like my characters have catch-phrases.


"Finally, a chance to cause some chaos."


I've kind of gotten caught up in it and started spouting SWTOR-based catch-phrases of my own. My catch-phrase is "They just didn't care."


I look at how the bits of my characters' bodies clip out of their clothing... The neck of a dress clipping into the model. My jedi's *** clipping out of her robe. A sword sticking into my companion's back.


"They just didn't care."


I hear all of the stock phrases that they use over and over in quests. The disjointed dialogue barely makes sense sometimes... And the fully voiced quests were the biggest selling point (besides the name)!


"They just didn't care."


So very few face/hairstyle combinations look good. And why the hell don't we have lekku wraps? Legacy was supposed to give us more options, but that's incomplete (assuming that your quests aren't fatally bugged).


"They just didn't care."

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