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Well for the first time since I started playing this great game I wanted to make a thread about what I wanted to be added/"fixed".



Please oh please fix it so that I can decide what windows I want open. I wanna be able to have my crafting-recipe list up while browsing Galactic Trader.


Galactic Trader

Make searching better/quicker. If I want to do a quick search for an item, please dont make me first specify what kind of item it is - Ive got the name, I shouldnt need anything else :)

Being able to click an item in inventory and then quick-searching trader would also be nice.



I wanna be able to pick what warzones I queue for (I got no problem with Huttball - seems like Im one of very few people that dont hate it - but after 10 straight round of huttball it tends to get a bit dull).



It seems you have made a game where the players have a lot of choices to make - from what kind of class you want to be (two different specializations with different ways of playing those specializations) to actual in-game choices about how your character is going to be.

But when it comes to weapons your kinda strickt. "Your an operative, you use blaster rifle. Your a sith assassin, you use double-bladed lightsaber."

I would love to play an operative with blasters, or a sith assassin dual-wielding "normal" lightsabers! (and to be fair, my operative use blasters in some cut-scenes so it seems he actually does know how to use it :) )

I can understand restricting some weapons - like only jedi\sith can use lightsabers, and only snipers can use sniper rifles - but other then that we should be able to choose more freely then we do now. (Yes i know that sith assassin can use a normal lightsaber, but some of skills are actually dependant on the double-bladed lightsaber - not that it makes any sense, but there it is).


To end it I think youve made a great game and in my opinion its hands down the best mmo out there right now :)

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