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In Game Animation/Stances and Facial Gesturing


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I have been enjoying the game along with many others.


My biggest artistic gripe so far is that the avatars are very stiff. We can't animate nor control them well, and in fact our facial gestures (Smile, for instanc) only trigger a text message..sort of useless when I can type that. This is such a letdown considering how great the cut scenes are.


Second Life has Animation Overriders that enable players to trigger animations from a custom graphical panel when they want them. SL also has click to look at head tracking which offers a great deal of realism to the way avatars look...ie you can look at things. (It does not, however, have much of a game.)


Please look at bringing better animations and a variety of stances for avatars into the world that the players can customize and use, and enable a graphical control panel vs. an unusable scroll down menu to execute them. The NPCs are using these already...let us have them!


Additionally, something some folks have experimented with is an "Avatar Attention Model" which allows the avatars to autonomously take interest in things around them (people, buildings, statues, etc). This would be a welcome addition, particularly if it were also controllable.


Basically my perception is that a lot of life could be added through these techniques.

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