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Petition for IN GAME Customisation


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Hi all, just want to get people to sign this petition and leave any worth while comments on if you want IN GAME customisation, earlier as at the moment they have stated its not high on the list.


So sign if you feel you would rather see it earlier as i myself have grown bored with my lvl50 characters features already and would love to be able to chop and change when i feel. I do think this is important also as we see our faces lots through-out the game in gampeplay and story mode and can be a pain if you start to judge your choice you made at the start.


We obviously want the same structure you have at the start of the game when you first create you character. Meaning you can change body styles and also all facial features.


But obviously this does not mean name changing just the visual customisation of your character.


Lets get this thread going and hopefully make character customisation in game something soon.


Cheers for reading :)

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