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Which stats to stack for each respective tree?


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Hi, first forum post.


I'm only level 25 on my Powertech going Pyro spec'd at the moment, but I figure this knowledge would be useful later on for PvP or end game PvE.


As an Armormech through REing I've been working towards purple schematics that boost critical rate and surge (I believe the prefix was Endowment), however looking at other stats such as Alacrity, Power, etc. I started wondering if that was the right decision. Note that this isn't consisting of stats such as Aim or Endurance, but the extra stats you get from Blue or higher level items.


This has lead me to a few questions:




Which supplementary stats on armor, weapons, mods, etc. should be stacked to best benefit their spec?


Would it be better to have a balance of several of these stats, or would focusing only on two of these stats (Example would be stacking critical chance and surge (bonus crit damage) only for maximum results) be the way to go?


From personal experience, which stats have benefited you the most?




Just for reference these are the secondary stats taken from swtorgeeks.com. I'm familiar with most of them except for Expertise, which I'm not sure the magnitude by which it benefits you.


Presence – boost companion health, damage and healing


Power – adds melee, force and tech damage


Force/Tech Power – Similar to Power but does not provide melee/ranged damage.


Accuracy – Hit Rating and armor and spell penetration


Crit – gives melee, force and tech crit


Surge – increased critical damage


Armor – reduces physical and kinetic damage


Defense – increases Parry/Deflect


Shield – increases chance to be shielded on attack


Absorption – increases the % of damage shaved off shielded attacks


Alacrity – Haste (Reduced Spell time (Cooldowns?))


Expertise – PvP stat. (Similar to Resilience in Wow) Increase damage and healing and reduces damage taken.

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