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No leggings for Sith Sorcerer?


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During Beta I played a Jedi Consular for most of the time. I came across several opportunities to wear leggings instead of the "robe bottom". As a Sith Sorcerer, I haven't seen much in the way of "pants" for the Sith Sorcerer. They aren't NON-existent as one of my guildmates came across a pair that were level 7 (I believe). None of the Synthweavers in my guild can find any leggings in light armor to make and I can't find any on the GTN to buy.


So what's going on? I know they exist, but why only at low levels and so exceptionally rare (and not HIGH STATS kind of "rare") ?? I personally don't want to wear a robe the entire time.


Has anyone else noticed this? Or found leggings at higher levels? I'm really disappointed about this...

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