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PvP on a non pvp server


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I, along with a few friends, am nearing 50 now and we're looking for some fun things to do.


Warzones are a lot of fun but we cannot stand Hutt Ball. The Warzones seem to cycle and when it's time for Hutt Ball we get a bit :(


The Alderaan locale is the best as far as we're concerned, it'd be great to play it all the time!


I had a look around Ilum and the first thought which came to mind was "how the hell are they going to fill this space?"


I play on a RP server in the EU, this may have been a mistake as there are very few people around. My fear was that a PvP server might just be a gank fest and not really about PvP at all. Like many, I loved the model provided by Dark Age of Camelot wherein you progress your character in relative safety before braving the nexus between the realms. I get the feeling that I may have gimped my gameplay experience by going with a RP server. Only now do I realize how much I miss free roaming PvP.


I won't start a char on a PvP server as I'm in love with my Shadow and don't want to go through the story again.


Tldr; Give us a free transfer to a RP PvP server. At least then I can control where I go for PvP and will have some peeps to fight.

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