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Rogue moon PVP


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soo for approx the last 55+ matches imps have won 53 of those times well when i have been playing. (3-4 days)

There does tend to be alot of higher rank players on the imp teams but im sure its to do with there skill at playing.


im a noobie first time at this kind of mmo but im learning before this i was eve online so big diffrence


im happy pulling in my xp and credits from the matches but it is frustrating as hell we cant win a match even when we are organised


all the good people going imperial ?


But why the f are things soo imbalanced to let this happen

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yer it seems imps all pl to 50 geared up and learnt the game on rogue moon.


its a horrible server to pvp on, waste of complete time in all honesty and if i never see a game of hutball again it will be too soon.


i dont particuarly play mmos to pvp, more of side thing when im taking a break from pve but its lame *** on this server. all it does is inspire nerd rage at its finest which actually achieves nothing.


best thing to do is not pvp and give imps nothing to do and reroll eleswhere haha .. fat chance.

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