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Questions about PvP gearing (Sage healer)


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Hello everyone,


I've been looking at the PvP gear on the main fleet lately, and I am slightly confused about how to go about buying gear at level 50.


My first question, is what do I buy with my commendations? I noticed that some of the gear requires "unassembled champions [whatever]".. how do I get that stuff? Do I buy the random boxes with 200 of each commendation? Or what? It's confusing me!


Second question, is, as a healer, which gear should I be aiming for? I noticed pretty much all the gear has endurance/willpower added onto it. Should I be saving up for gear with +crit/+surge on it? Or alacrity? Or power?? I am not sure what is most beneficial as a healer.. initially I was thinking +defense, but I've been reading on the forums that defense is broken for PvP atm.


Any thoughts/opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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