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PVP warzone queue BUG important


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alot of people on these forums are saying there is no such bug


but let me tell you bioware every single person on Tomb of freedon nadd has experienced it

pvp players will experience it 10-20 or more times a day..


ways to get round it are


make a grp and try to queue (doesnt always work)

or wait 5 misn and try again (doesnt always work)

or spam leave queue join queue hundreds of times till it works.


peopel in these forums who say this bug isnt real are full of it


maybe its only pvp servers i dont know


but its not bull crap and many many people are peed of with it , it happens almost every 30 mins for me and then takes 20 mins or so to be able to queue again..


Its got worst today after what ever that patch was...bug fix patch?? looooooooool ok

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what really annoys me are the people on this forums that think they are being "cool" but ae infact ruining teh game by making false statements liek "ive played 100 games and its never happen to me"


bull crap


People in game are nothing like those on these forums i wonder if they even play the game.



i suggest taking more notice from in game tickets then the trolls on these forums that dont even play the game or have any idea what bugs there are

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