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In with the new, out with the old MMO.


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I'm positive that quite a few of you have migrated from a particular game that has been the center of your life for along time to this new fresh, story and new games type with elements of your previous game.


I'd Like to know what this game brought to your enjoyment that previous MMO's did not have, as well as what you think this game is lacking that this game will gain and I want your opinion as to weather you would pay a subscription to make this game better than your old game?

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Litterally nothing, this game would had been a revolution in 2004 for me. Now it's just hanging with poor design decisions compared to other games.


The maps are huge, but feels small because of the way they are designed.


The gameworld is about as exciting to look at as a piece of soap.


The story feels lacking because of the disconnect there is between what you're told and what happens in the world after you are supposedly done with it, E.i. nothing.


The questing is archaic and while it might had been awesome 7 years ago, other games have moved on and/or innovated on the 3 basic quests to give a diverse experience and break the monotomy.


Loading screens are everywhere and rips me right out of what little immersion I might have.


And the combat is attrocious with the priority to animations over effects.


No, I wouldn't pay money to give them the budgets to do anything about all this because:

1. it's problems that rests at the core of the game, it will require a relaunch to fix it.

2. due to 1 it would be throwing my good money after bad money.


What BW needs to do is to get someone in charge who didn't stick their heads in the ground ca. 2004 and said "I have the perfect idea for an MMO!"


Perhaps they could, with a large enough paycheck, get the old Black Isle people back in the fold because the creative in BW seems to have only gone downhill since they left.

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The Story and Voice-acting are what got me hooked. I also like Companions and Companions crafting for me. The missions are so much better than WoW quests because of the Story behind them, and the fact you get bonus missions while you're out and about.



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