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Keybinding cover quickbars with my Naga


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Hello slingers,


I'm trying to reconfigure my keybinds to make me more effective in PvP. I have a 18 button Razer Naga that I would like to use all standard/rotation skills on. This works fine, as long as I have my Naga set to numerical. What I -want- to do, is set it on numlock and bind all of my cover abilities to keypad numbers, while keeping my standard row of numbers for a different quickslot.


I know this is really confusing and a simple addon could fix it.


But right now, the only way I can effectively use my cover abilities is to have them bound to 1-0 on my row of keys AND using the numerical row for my Naga. There's no way of freeing up those that I can find.


In a nutshell, here's what I want. Maybe someone can explain what I've missed:


On my Naga thumbkeys, I want to use my cover bar abilities.


On my numerical row (1-0) I want a different set of skills.


As it stands, I don't think I can modify the cover bar, though.




Anyone who was able to follow my rambling and can offer advice, thanks.


If you don't play with a gaming mouse, this will probably be gibberish.

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With the cover bar turned off via ingame menus, I set up 4 macros on my naga to automatically enter cover before using cover abilities as well as always trying to pop trinkets/smugglers luck.


While there may be a more elegant way to achieve it, I turned on the "left quickslot" (Any quickslot you don't actually use will suffice) through ingame options. On this bar I put all of the skills and trinkets that I was going to incorporate into my macros.


I then ingame keybound these 12 or so quickslots to Control+1-0 and "-", "=".


After this, I used the naga software to record keypresses for my 4 macros while removing press delay.


An example macro would look like (< down / > up):


Ctrl <














Where Ctrl+1 is stationary cover, Ctrl+2 is smugglers luck, Ctrl+3 is Trinket1, Ctrl+4 is Trinket2, and Ctrl+5 is Charged Burst.


I then switched the thumbgrid to "NUM" and bound my macros.


I can still bind the regular number row for other things as long as I don't use them in conjunction with "Ctrl".


The downside is that you potentially lose a lot of ingame quickslots due to the paging setup, and that you have to doubletap the attack macro to perform the attack portion when starting out of cover. This isn't much of a problem though since I normally mash the key until I see it going off. You could get the macro to do it all in one press if you mess with the delay instead of having the software remove it, but you would want it tuned as tightly as possible and if that is the case, a bit of lag could make it fail.

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I just bound 'Cover' to the 'J' key and used the configurator to set the '1' button on my Naga to 'J'. Then 4 to left strafe, 5 to right strafe and 8 to walk backwards.


This way all my movement is handled with my mouse hand, leaving my left hand free to hit all the powers bound to keys on the LHS of the keyboard.

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If you're going to bind additional buttons to your Naga, I'd go with Alt + 1 to Alt + =. Don't use Ctrl as this interferes with WASD as Ctrl + A toggles Ambience etc. It can also cause your character to get stuck running. Another thing I noticed, when recording the macros for Alt + 1 etc tick the box for the default 50ms delay, as this seems to improve reliability for the button presses.
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