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Is voidstar biowares idea of a joke?


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I cannot tell you how many times I've gotten kicked by the afk autokicker because the shield at spawn stay up for too long.


I die. And the shields go up as I enter the spawn. Then they stay up for too long to be able to get out before you get autokicked. The autokick timer is ridicolously short. You can barely buy an item off the vendor before they toss your *** back to the fleet slapping a big phat "problem? :>" in your face.


I'm guessing this is just biowares dark sense of humor, utterly trying to piss us off those rare rare times we actually get into that warzone.


As for huttball. You barely have time to use those secret passage ways at the sides before you get autokicked.


What's the point of the map design if the players aren't able to use them before they get trolled by the retarded counter one of the incompetent employees at bioware created?



/vent heat

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This has happened to me once in like 100 voidstar games. not that serious.


Haha try it with my pc. And my pc is fairly beastly. i can post my specs.


I get some fairly long loading screens of about 40sec-2minutes.


that means if I join a warzone that is in progress. I am signing up for 2 long loading screens. because the auto-kick timer counts you while youre in the loading screen.


If you dont think its serious. Try PvP'ing all day long with my loading screens bro. And if you're even gonna attempt to say something stupid like "buy a new pc." then I assure you. my pc isn't bad.

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