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Companion Gear, one equipped the others left out in the cold.


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This is a comment/suggestion thread regarding companion specific gear. I do rather enjoy completing a companion's gear set for each specific planet, but it pains me that I can only complete the set for only one of my companions.


I'd really like it if there was a way to acquire the other companion gear sets from a planet. One suggestion I have is to have a vendor that unlocks only when you finish all the quests on a planet (including bonus series, excluding repeatables), and allow the player to flat out purchase the other companion gear sets.


Another suggestion would be to offer a repeatable (daily) quest series, with selectable rewards that would offer complete sets of gear bundled (like how you get a gear bag when you first get your companion to fleet) for each of your companions. Again, put this quest at the very end of a planet's quest lines, as a fast way to bring your other companions up to speed for future use.


Yes, I know you can equip your companions with normal gear, but your companions occaisionally have some unique abilities sometimes that fall outside of the template player characters have, and their gear sets are tailored to compliment them better than gear meant for players. Also, would be nice to be able to admire the artistic effort put into creating each companion's personalized clothes.


Wishsful thinking, but maybe somehow this wish will catch a ride to the right set of eyes.

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