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Small sudgestions


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Okey - when I play I usual watch a movie or something, so I play with the sound muted.

But when I enter a cut-scene, I cant unmute the game with the Ctrl+S key press. This annoy me, since then I miss out on all the good lore and vital information on quests and objectives.

Sure, if I press the NPC with the sound muted - my fault. But when I enter an area and a cut-scene starts by itself it's a bit unfair.


And also, I have (at the moment) 49.999900817871 Light Points and 3000.39999023438 Dark points. Messy. This bug presented itself after the ship droid failed a simple quest. I assume this is a bug and not a feature.


Now thirdly. For some reason, when I press the §-key (left of the 1-key on my keyboard) I open Customer Service Help Request>Create Ticket>Bug Report with a § filled in into the Description. But would I actually send a ticket through the §-key, it wont send.

Leaving the fact that I cant unbind that function and the fact that that key have a strategic placement on the keyboard, it is VERY annoying if I by accident press that key in combat and then get mashed to peaces, due to having to press like 5 buttons (Okey, more like three, but w/e) to get rid of those windows.


I know I know, cry some more, but there you go.


Love //Bakish


Edited some minor flaws

Edited by Bakish
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