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What have we learned from this stupid wave and Guild Launch setup?


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First off, I understand the -why- behind waves were done, however the execution of the waves has been thus far terrible (I say this as a guy that got in in the first couple of waves and have been playing since yesterday evening since I got home from work). Guilds should have gotten priority in the waves.


I and exactly two of my guild mates got in early, that's it. MMOs no matter what shut ins want to think are social games. You don't want to effectively punish, or at least neglect that aspect of the game and should infact be rewarding it.


Our guild had been up and running on the swtor site since july, we also had ties with 3 other guilds. Of those 3 only 1 wound up on the same server as we did, despite several mutual tie ins to each other.


Now the two guilds that -did- manage to get on the same server are going to have to make the decision to either stay and not see our friends from previous mmos again in all likelyhood, or to transfer over. (we were all refugees from another now soon to be defunct sci fi mmo.. and I'm not talking about star wars galaxies)


The Guild Importing was made a really big deal of by bioware, but EA (and bioware for going along with it) couldn't have fumbled it more short of the import feature not working at all.


Guildmembers want to play together. But can't because of this stupid wave format that was implemented. We don't want to Pug. That's not why we signed up together on the site, months in advance.


Guild allies and adversaries also want to play together, but didn't necessarily get the ability to do so due to some failure somewhere along the line.


Talk a big game about building a community, you best back it up. I love this game already, but this is one aspect that they really fumbled on.

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