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Since this is my first MMO, i tried some others while i wait for launch


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so after playing and loving the beta, i thought i would see what else the world had to offer. i remembered a few free to play ones, and a trial or 2 as well


actually i guess it isnt properly my first mmo, anyway


so a few years back i played ffxi beta on the xbox, since it was free, i enjoyed it, found it quite entertaining to be honest, but wasnt really in a mood to sub when it actually came out, so i left it at that.


then there was a WoW 10 day trial, (many years ago btw, like 4 at least) which i spent most of the time stabbing rabbits and wasnt really into it. the way i think of mmos, its gotta be a world i know and like for me to want to really commit. enjoyed the trial, didnt wanna sub though


swtor 30 day beta, couldnt play, performance of pc was so poor, barely navigate menus, no game whatsoever, whitescreen


(enter new, better pc)


swtor beta weekends


(enter asus gtx 560 ti 1gb)


then i saw dc universe online was free...and this thing is terrible, i cant believe it ever had a £10p/m sub to it. why wont you let me click on things! WHERE IZ MA CURSOR. and every mission is tedious as hell so far, kill 5 bandits. ok good, kill 15 bandits and 2 leaders. now kill 20 bandits, 5 leaders, and a general, you get the point


next, age of conan, now this i prefered but barely played. it looked ok, but i was already bored of its opening, which is meant to make me wanna play more...i saved some woman who was tied up and got rid of it


then i see all this talk of rift on here. and people were talking about it in the beta comparing system setups to graphical performance etc etc. so i have the 7 day trial, already better then the other 2 mmos mentioned above. looks good, runs on ultra with newer setup. i like its controls, graphics, opening intro made me wanna see what else there was, but i noticed something too.


my 2.5 things with mmos were always


1/ a monthly sub, and i was poor

2/ boring walls of text and no voice

.5/ worlds i wasnt familiar with


3 things that attracted me to this were

1/ i like star wars

2/ all the voice acting and interaction

3/ not being poor and being able to be in from the start


so as good as rift is, im already bored of having to read walls of text and accepting quests. only because i prefer a good strong story (which im sure it has) but i love old republics system and conversations, and group conversations are pretty cool too


so while i wait for my early access in a civilized manner, with my game already arrived n on the desk, i'll try out rift more and get more hyped for TOR and being able to run in it with gd friends who also love star wars, and being able to finally run it at max with a high frame rate


and if this thread is somehow active later, i will post about my experience at the GAME uk london launch event :)


just sharing my recent mmo experiences. :D

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