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I mean this sincerely - This is amazing


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I read one report that suggested that well over 100 million went into the development of this game - incredible. Literally millions of people will join and enjoy this space over the coming years. Connecting with people they could not or would not have met in any other way. Gaming will be enjoyed. This is a tremendous luxury for the customer, a gargantuan task for the developer, and truly amazing.


I worry about the sense of entitlement in North America in particular. Yes, the customer has rights, but those rights are not without trade-offs. Other worldly considerations must still be considered. Costs, staffing, systems, profit and loss, game play and fairness, customer service, and more. You, dear customer, are one of many stakeholders. There are finite resources. Please, be patient!


Sincerely, this is not meant as a troll. I know I've been guilty of angry entitlement from time to time. Many smart people have been. All I ask is that you think this through before completely losing your mind.


Nobody said it better than Louis CK. Worth a watch!



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