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About the Collector's Edition Store


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As far as I know, we've been told that the Collector's Edition Store will be exclusive to CE purchases. However, I am now confused after reading this:


Secure your Old Republic Account


Increase the security of your account with The Old Republic Security Key! Available as a physical or mobile security key, this optional security key takes only a few minutes to set up and gives your account an additional layer of Two-Factor authentication, providing much greater protection against unauthorized access even if your computer becomes compromised. Plus, as an added bonus for picking it up you will have access to a special in-game vendor who will offer you exclusive gear and items.


The Physical Security Key is currently available for sale in North America for $6.50 via Origin.com, and will be available in Europe soon for £8.99/€12.99 at Orign.com. A mobile security key app will be available for free download soon so stay tuned for more details!


Already have a security key? Set it up now!




If this means that the Collector's Edition Store will be available for anyone who buys the Security Key I will be extremely dissapointed and angry...

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Bout 100% sure that im right when i say that you get the physical key with CE and later in time other people are able to order it on the interwebz.


CE store is completely different and ingame.


So there are two different vendors; one for CE's and one for Security Key holders?

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believe it or not, there's even more than those 2 vendors in the game :eek:


What?! Really? -.-


Your attempt to be funny failed miserably... -.-



the vendors are difrent but one question whit collectors idition they is key thingy in it so those whit collector idition get 2 stores then if i am right ?


Yes, that was what I was wondering concering two vendors. So CE's will get access to two special vendors by the looks of it.

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The CE store has turned out to be a joke. They are opening 2 other " special stores" which will have pretty much the same items. The Digital Deluxe owners are now being allowed into the CE owners area and now we have the 6.50 purchasers of the keyfob security device being allowed in as well. ( I know there is a special little vendor in the area just for CE owners, but really, there may be so many players packed in the lounge area that you could miss him, and the items will end up being very similar to the 2 or 3 other vendors. )

Watch and see......

Boy , who is in charge of this" exclusive- I mean, now open to another 500,000 players " area ? Pink slip time

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You don't even have to purchase the key. There is a free of cost applet for IPhones...gives you acces, too. The only thing left is releasing the Soundtrack online.


I can't imagine the tracks given away on facebook would be very different! :mad:

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