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3 Key Areas to improve on


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1) Why does every single mob have the ability to dismount us?


BW, do you know how god damn annoying this is becoming?

We want to get from A to B, in doing so we do not want to have to kill X, Y and Z.


Those of use that have played mmos in the past, can just about put up with this but those new to the mmo, I would agrue could push them to log off in frustration.


2) Aggro Ranges are insane!


Those of us that like to sneak past packs, get pwned so many times and dragged into combat. If we want to kill X-amount, we'll do the blood bonus missions.


3) Respawns!! RESPAWNS!!!!


Its 1 thing to need to clear our way in but why in gods name do we need to clear again to get out?!


3 very basic problems, which imo could prove so fruitful to fix.

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