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Group Leveling Alts.


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To anyone interested.


I would like to level an alt with a full group starting after the completion of the class specific starting world. I would like a group with a Tank a Healer and two DPS. It would be nice if we were all different classes.


How it works:

The four of us choose a good time to logon to our alts. We then quest, including group quest, class quest, and level appropriate Flashpoints. We do this for a set amount of time determined by the four of us. Finally we choose the next time to logon to our alts. If one of us has to leave earlier than expected the group will also log. We will begin questing when we are all back on.



These characters will be alts so you don’t have to worry about crew skills, or min maxing, or any other stresses that come with nurturing a main.

Group Quest – We can do all group quests. No spamming general chat and wasting time looking for others.

Flashpoint – We can do every Flashpoint at the appropriate level.

Social Points – We will get a ton of social points and reap there rewards.

No Grind – We will tear through enemies like a hot saber through a tauntaun. That grindy feeling you get when soloing a lot of bad guys should be minimal.

No one will quest without the group, so we will all be the same level doing the same content.

We can take our time and do everything on a planet.

The group can also help with class quest.


Getting started:

We’ll be playing the Sith Empire. (Galactic Republic is too puppies and rainbows it makes me queasy)


I don’t care what role or class I play. I’ll fill the role that is needed once I get 3 more players to join me.

If you are interested in joining me just Post here with what classes and roles you don’t mind playing and ill send you a private message with the of the server we are going to play on. Or you can Private Message me by:


1. Click my name under my forum avatar.


2. Click the Contact Info Tab.


3. Click Send a private message to Ozarkus


4. Under Title type I want to join


5. Under Message Type the Classes and Roles you don’t mind playing.


6. Then click submit message.


That’s it! I’ll get back to you soon with the server we’ll be playing on.

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