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Ability delay


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Yo guys I was about the fraps it myself but found it on youtube someone else posted it if you press a action button multiple times I mean I do it does this. and if anyone says they dont have the problem! Im sorry if I offend you but then you have a problem in your head! there is this delay thats been bugging everyone I just want a smooth game smooth like world of warcraft. Btw I hate world of warcraft. but hey the game is good. I have a level 29 jedi guardian and I cant enjoy the game everyone has this problem how can Bioware do this! I know its a mmo but if they just waited 1 extra year and listened to the people they would have 20mil extra subscribers!


please watch it, delay is with every ability not just smash I read that they are gonna fix this problem but I know this aint true I can sniff a lie from lightyears away:mad:



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