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Why are we still queuing ?????


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The month is well over half way and we are still queuing - still facing extended downtime due to server maintenance (bug fixing) - still queuing to get in pvp and that's if you don't keep getting kicked out every time you press enter to go into an arena. No server transfers to alleviate the issues is still not an option even though there are hundreds if not thousands of paying customers willing to make the move and spread the player base.


Some of the servers are too full and laggy - sort it out BW - you are very lacking and our customer service is totally pathetic.


Sub cancelled - i hope more follow.

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Hello everyone,


We appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this thread, but will be closing it as there is no constructive discussion about specific game-related features or systems to be had. Should you wish to contribute something helpful we encourage you to take a look at a couple of threads the community is using to do just that! Bug and suggestion discussions in these threads made by the community are being looked at regularly and provide a fantastic outlet for you to let us know what we can do to improve the game in a constructive manner.


While we absolutely welcome constructive feedback regarding the game, we’ve seen many threads recently that are not constructive or helpful. We encourage you to share ideas about what you’d like to see in the game, but will not permit discussions that do not have any constructive suggestions or content, or those that are made solely to trash the game or community or offer no topic for discussion. Our developers and the Community Team are always reading the forums and gathering your feedback, but constructive criticism is much more useful to us than posts that have no explanations or details and suggestions.


Constructive, well-reasoned feedback that offers specific suggestions about what you as players would like to see is extremely useful to us, and we’d like to see more feedback of this nature.


We will be closing this thread but encourage you to participate in the others. This allows us to keep the forums tidy and the community compilation discussions together where we can regularly check in and you may all participate in a collective discussion on those topics.

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