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Rate SWTOR out of 10.


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Pro's- Good story, good character design, good music and sound, graphics are also decent.


Con's- Generally trollish, unhelpful community, some areas too samey, needs more content (im happy with what there is, and im patient to boot!) also needs bugfixes (again, these are coming so im happy :D )

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The score doesn't do justice to the quality of the questing but that is a small part of an MMO. There are too many bugs in general, some mechanics are still horribly untuned, some design concepts are a decade old like some dps classes having reliable cc and others not.


There are a lot of things I like about the game and if it was released in 2003 it would have got a very high score but many aspects are badly inferior to other games out at present. It is a dangerous game to risk the goodwill to release the game at this level.


If things do not improve dramatically in the next month or two I may suspend the sub until the game is in a better state. I really enjoy the story though and will probably level each of the classes, but that should only take another month or two.

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8.5/10 in it's current form


This game needs more content and a few bug fixes, but I still see so much potential


I've played a ton of MMO's and for a game that's less than a month old this plays like some that have been around for years.

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