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Please make a Team deathmatch warzone


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Please consider making a team deathmatch warzone


Its no fun when your TEAM just wants to zerg ie huttball


if there was a TDM wz atleast they would have a Non-objective warzone they can just zerg all day in , it would be better for everyone.


It could be first team to 200 kills or something


also i think it would be nice that if in huttball you get a medal for passing to the person who scores, to encourage passing . ive lost count how many times i shout pass , pass up etc in every single channel just to get completely ignored when i could have easily scored.



anyway Bring on premades in the pvp patch cant wait !


also before someone says go play call of duty that has team death match or some other crap just like to say PIPE DOWN.


rather then try to troll me , please just post some different ideas if you have any if that is at all possible in this forum

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