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ForceTremor is a Star Wars The Old Republic community, established to provide active news reporting, substantial forums, and guides to the community. The website uses a simple front page for news postings, and simple navigation around the website.



What We Offer:


  • Official News about Star Wars The Old Republic - News is posted as often as it available.
  • Abundant Forums - Sections for discussing The Old Republic, ToR Classes, General Star Wars, Guild Relations, Off-Topic Discussions, and much more.
  • Server Forums - Server forums dedicated to each and every server, each section being moderated by players that play on that server.
  • Various Website Themes - Guests can only access our Republic and Sith themes. Members have access to a total of 10 different website themes, other themes being based on different classes.
  • Several Guides of Interest:
    • Advanced Magenta Crystal
    • Companion Gifts
    • Stats Guide
    • Legacy System
    • Datacrons

    [*]Weekly Video Show - A weekly video show discussing current topics in the community, recent news and Q&A's.

    [*]NO ADVERTISEMENTS - For now and far into the foreseeable future, our site will not contain any 3rd party advertisement for anyone. Most fansites put these up and take them down for donors or premium members. We have no advertisements for anyone!





We hope that everyone that comes here enjoys their stay and joins the community. We do have a lot of big and cool plans coming up. If you want to get involved and help, join up and contact me.

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Today ForceTremor released several video guides for datacrons, as well as Server Forums.


As far as I know ForceTremor is now the only ToR community site offering a dedicated forum section for every server.


ForceTremor recognizes the need and want from the community to have server forums, and we have responded by offering them to the community. We hope that the many of you that visit will soon join and help populate these new server forums.

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ForceTremor has started their Operation Boss Guide series, releasing their first video today on the Annihilation Droid XRR-3 encounter.


In addition to that, we have dedicated pages for each boss guide detailing their abilities and their loot drops.

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