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The main course of the game experience is almost identical with WoW, which I didn't mind much while I was leveling up. But I found that end game contents also have almost exactly same system with WoW.

Hit level 50 > Daily quests > Warzones, Heroics, Raids.

All good, but warzones have some problem.

We only have 3 warzones yet, I know more will be added soon. But, It is not a good idea that players cannot choose which warzone they can play. For example, I have certain taste in playing warzones but I have to play them all anyway. I can just leave warzone yes, but its annoying. those 3 warzones we have are very simple, even simpler than WoW's first 3 bgs because the map is much more symmetrical than WoW's first 3. (I think this has to be fix someday.) And the fact I cannot choose which warzone to play makes matter worse on top of the sheer simplicity of our current warzones.


Let us have the option to choose the warzone to play.



And we need a new warzone soon. Sooner than WoW launched Alterac Valley. I think we need it like NOW. Why so rush? Not really rush. SWTOR main system is almost identical as WoW, we burn contents very fast. It is already time for a new warzone in my opinion.


Whether the new one is near launch or not, I have a suggestion for new warzones.

There were lots of good warzones in Star Wars Battlefront 1,2.

It would be great to see them in SWTOR. Especially with machinaries like ATDT, low geared players can also balance out by sitting on the machines.

And letting us have npc players supporting players in warzones like Battlefront will be a good idea too. It can generate lots of new tactics and fun.


Already core contents are burnt up, I am sure lots of guys feel same as me.

Need new things asap. Or I feel very hard I can pay subscription after January 20th.

I couldn't keep myself logged for more than 30 minutes since I hit level 50.


Bioware, please keep this in mind.

We players had this kind of system for many years.

I don't mind to have same system for new game but it should be better than exactly same with old ones. Don't forget people are moving from WoW not just because it's old game, also they are tired of same contents too. If you cannot give players just same amount of contents like WoW, people will burn the same amount of contents 10 times faster than they did 6 years ago with WoW, and move on after 6 months. Luckily, Starwars have many successful (and also unsuccessful) data of contents in it's old mmo games. Apply them in this game and it will add so many funs in the game and extend the life of SWTOR way longer. And it doesn't take genius to do so since they are already invented and wait for you to copy them in the game. All you need is just some money to buy labour which you have I am sure.

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Hello everyone,


We appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this thread and want you to know that we read these types of discussions regularly! We do ask, however, that this type of conversation be kept to this thread where a large compilation of suggestions has already been made and the community is regularly discussing their thoughts on the list.


We will be closing this thread but encourage you to participate in the other. This allows us to keep the forums tidy and the community suggestion compilation discussion to one convenient location.

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