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How to make money without leveling my Char??


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I'm level 40 now and broke. I wasted all my credits investing in crafting and still cant make credits with it. Without credits I feel like im not getting enough out of the game. I'm missing out on nice stuff to play the game with.


So I want to be able to afford the higher speeder training and some nice armour. Now I want these now im level 40 so I can continue questing with nice armour and the faster speederbike. I cant see the point in getting to 50 then buying a faster speeder bike.


The only options I know I could do which can earn me credits and not XP are:


- Kill lower level heroic bosses (But they stop dropping anything if you kill more than 3 times in a row)


- Play the auction house, buy low - sell high.


- Camp lower level chests



Off topic but: If Bioware are against any of the above then what is the difference when hardcore guilds are running flashpoints 24/7 and flooding the market with high gear??



Seriously though, I just want to earn some credits without levelling my char so I need ideas without breaking any laws!

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I make more credits on the GTN from selling mats I've gathered than I've ever made from items I've crafted.


I got so use to sending companions on missions for mats I totally forgot about going out gathering myself. I tried to make a profit from selling mission mats on GTN but cant make a profit on them. I guess the free mats from gathering is the way to go!

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Same thing happened to my smuggler, because I'm a derp who bought every recipe without looking at costs.


I crafted every blue/purple I could with the materials I already had sitting in the bank, and threw them up on the GTN while doing any bonus series quests I had missed, and my space ship dailies. Took a few days for everything to sell through, but you get back your deposit for anything that doesn't sell, anyway, so there's not really any actual risk involved.


Other than that you can try selling non-mission mats at profit like the guy above said, and do the highest level grey flashpoint you can solo run for stuff to sell. Also a good way to grind light/darkside points in a few of them.

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-play the market

-craft purples and oranges and sell them


The 2 things you're obviously not doing if you're broke. Especially at 40, geez. What's your craft, and your skill level in it?


By the way (HINT/SPOILER): playing the market is the easiest and best way to make creds, BY FAR. Nothing even comes close.


One example from yesterday (similar things happen every single day, many times a day): I was scanning the Heavy Armour on the Empire GTN, and saw someone selling a level 50 BH legs (T-17A or something) for 800 creds. I bought them, went to the mailbox, grabbed them, back to the GTN terminal, listed for 12000 creds, sold 1 hour later. Total time/effort: 15 seconds. Total profit: >10000 creds.


That was just one I recalled from yesterday.


:wea_03: Lightsaber!

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