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A small list of suggestions


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Hi guys,


I couldn't find a particular forum for this kind of thing do this seemed like the best place for this, but after playing beta, I still feel there woul be some small improvements made with some small changes.



1) Allow companion ability buttons to be moved, or give them a smaller bar to themselves.


Extending their bar removes one of our characters bars, which when you get to high levels can be a bit irritating. The smaller version shows 4 slots. How about making it so we can customise these 4 slots, and can enable passive/aggresive companion roles by right clicking on their portrait. For instance, there are times when you need the AOE abilities of your comp, but others when you don't and it's a bit of a chew keep having to open and close their action bar to toggle it.



2) Huttball arenas / leagues


When the next batch of warzones get introduced, wouldn't it be cool to have a separate warzone queue for Huttball? You could even make it a sport to itself by allowing guilds to enter premise teams and having a league of sorts per server. Huttball would need to have a few more maps so you didn't play in the same arena every time which could be fun.



3) improved LFG system


Have A more user friendly system. However, A fully automated system for finding flashpoint groups removes any sense of community, particularly if said system is cross server and that's what mmo is all about. How about the following: you can select which flashpoints you want to do, and what roles you can fulfil on a multiple choice window. Add another tab to the social window, with two drop down choice selectors for flashpoint and another for role. Once these two are selected a list of people with that criteria can then be shown, and then it should be down to the player to whisper someone in this list. The list should also show people in the order they selected their roles/chosen flashpoints, and each person should have to reselect when they log out or complete a flashpoint.


I know this system is similar to what's in place but not many can be bothered to type what they are looking for.



4) Have more cross faction questing areas by moving quest objectives to the same areas


I know that this will be a real pain to implement, but so far I've reached level 40 on my main toon, and have only seen 2 opposing faction players. I joined a PVP server so you always had that fear of bumping into enemies while questing or farming. Seeing two opposing players since the early start program began until now is a bit sparse don't you think? This would not affect PVE servers as you need to be flagged to PVP there anyway.



5) make the option to change the size of the UI action buttons and party (not ops) frames available.


These are huge and often get in the way :p




oh, and please allow operatives to have a sweet jawa companion like our bounty hunter brethren, they rock!




Hope someone sees this, as I think they'd certainly make a great game better.






Gridd, star storm one

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