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The stupidity of forum trolls


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Don't you people have lives, how is there 1000 posts complaining about not getting into the game. Someone even said they took the day off work and they're angry because they spent it looking at their email inbox. Seriously people get a grip on reality. The game comes out 20/12/2011 you can just come back then if you can't handle the concept of not knowing when you will be able to play. All the whiners need to grow up and stop acting like children, who cares if someone hits 50 before you. In every MMO release there is a pack of no lifers that play 24/7 and hit max lvl by the time I'm finished in starting zones. Don't let it ruin the game for you. Just think soon it will be holidays and we can spend a good chunk of time in game. Anyway enjoy your Christmas. Peace.
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