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Early Access 'Waves' - Updating Here


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I don't mind the whole wave thing these guys are doing, but only 4 waves/day?! I understand most people like myself took the day off in order to play the long awaited game and now we find out not only was that dumb but now we have to wait even longer?! So dumb Bioware...
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I've been hearing rumors all morning that some people who pre ordered later (usually see October or November) have been sent invites already. Has anyone from Bioware commented on this yet?


My understanding is that right now people who pre ordered on the first day are still waiting to get invites because of the massive amount of preorders on July 21st. I pre ordered August 18th so I already expect to have to wait until late tomorrow afternoon at the earliest as it is and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I don't want to wait any longer because people mistakenly receiving invites before they should be.


If Bioware has commented on this in any way please, someone share a link, I'm sure we'd all like to know. In the meantime I will keep my eyes open for info. Thanks.


if thats true then i spend 5 dollars for nothing so they made the 5 dollars a scam, but i dont know if it is lawl i mean after all its all rumors right. who knows i dont care i just want to play hahahaha

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This is really nonsense for everyone who bought the collector's editions.


I've already talked people who ordered way early not get in and more than a few who ordered late and have gotten in.


I totally understand the staggered invites, but it still feels like I'm being cheated out of something I paid a LOT of money for.


Not a good way to start.


You were promised an *up to* 5 days early access. It is now 7 days before the game is released. And you feel cheated?!

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1) All the people foaming because they don't get to start today, rofl. Instead of asking, "Why didn't everyone get access to the game before it's official release date?" maybe you should be asking, "Why would Bioware given anyone early access?" Answer to the latter: because they're nice. I can't believe people are complaining that anyone is getting early access.


2) To the people that are upset because everyone who preordered should get the same treatment... um, how about no? There's something in the real world called lines. You may want to learn how the work (i.e. first in, first out policy).


3) To all the people who are complaining that servers are dead right now even with 3 waves so far... you do realize that there is probably a good portion of those early-wave people who are working, asleep, or just not able to log in right now. Sorry, not everyone can be starting at a gray "Login" button and their launcher and hitting refresh on their email every 3 seconds like some of you...


4) I didn't redeem until 11/22 so I won't be seeing EA for a while. I'm hoping by this weekend, but if not, it's really no big deal. In the end, it doesn't even matter. By the 20th, I will be playing this game. Whether it's as a lvl 1 toon or a lvl 30 toon, it's all good. And in 3 months (assuming I'm still playing), I'll be a lvl 50 toon pvp'ing and doing flashpoints and operations... with or without the early start.


So, seriously, to the foamers and ragers... please calm down. Your sense on entitlement that you are owed Early Access to the game "right now" is annoying. You are the customer base that no one likes to deal with... ever.

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This is a very funny threat .. so much emo about when people are able to get in on the game.. I hope there is enough role-play servers for you all out there..

If you READ the page it says "up to 5 days" it did not say 5 days ....


Well I can wait if I have to but looking at it from a point of view of early access being a gift is patently nonsense. This gift for early access has cost all of us the equivalent of £5 for early access. That is a fee not a gift you don't pay for gifts.


For those who gain access today that figure is equal to just over £20 per month. More than double the monthly subscription. For those who won't gain access for another two days that equivalent monthly figure would rise to £30, more than treble the monthly subscription.


...naturally want to get into the game also.


Okay you have made a very poorly deal. I get my 5£ deducted from the price of the game, since I shopped around and found the cheapest place to buy it.. so my expenses all in all will be 40£ ... this is exactly the same if you buy any other online game.. so dry your emo tears and be happy when you are granted early access... since the game is first out the 20th...

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Before I even start - I know, I know, QQ qq qQ Qq blah blah blah. I don't know when you suddenly couldn't criticize or point out failed promises or abuses by companies but whatever.


I'm in online game development, I can feel a lot of Bioware's pain in this early access thing. I'm not upset at them yet, and nor will I be until they break their last modified promise to me as a paying customer. The entire reason I pre-ordered when I did was for 5 days of early access. This was promised to me at the time of sale, and was essentially the entire driving force behind my purchase (in early August). If I don't get my 5 days, then I'll be upset and feel like my contract of sale was broken and hope they provide some form of compensation for this.


So good luck Bioware, we're all counting on you. I'm a reasonable person, and as such only hope that you can do good on your promises to your paying customers and if not then you make it right.



Sooooo.... did you know that it is still 7 days before release?... must not, because you said 5... but its 7... meaning your mad before your ALLOWED to be by your statement. lmao, PS. the "pre-order early access" is a BENIFIT of pre-order...not a guarantee. This was explained in the EULA related to the pre-order.


I prolly wont get in until the 15th or so, but am fine with it. I hope people like you just uninstall and ask for a refund. Dont care for people with no patience and attitude towards people who are trying to be nice. "validate your parking to save you some money sir?" -responds with "you HAVE to validate a******, you OWE me to validate and the only reason i parked her is because you offered it. THIS IS BS if you DONT validate it even though its a kind gesture."

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1. Beta isn't enough to test servers.

2. Early Access is new beta.

3. I didn't pay for early access, I paid for pre order.

4. Bioware managed to invent new system to avoid queues, on servers.

5. Now you have to wait in queue for game activation.

6. New system apparently fails to provide eta.

7. Pre Ordering game doesn't grant you access to early access.

8. Pre Ordering game puts you in a queue that's been there for half a year.

9. Early Access is a Gift.

10. Bioware knows how many people are in queue, how many people they let in, what days those people were let in. however they're unable to provide ETA.

11. I was an idiot for trusting bioware.


I'm not pissede because I have to wait. I'm pissed because I wasn't informed I'll have to wait, and they don't want to tell me how long I might have to wait.



K, **** bioware and tor, gonna play something on my console, ain't gonna waste any more time on this game. I've lost all my faith in company, not because they've created a crappy game, but because they've scammed me with their marketing and they don't even care about giving me proper eta.


Good. The fewer there are of over-reacting types like you there are in the game, the better.

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Wow, math fail. You have all the info right there, but you still can't figure it out? The Digital Deluxe edition is $79.99. You have $5 + $74.99. That equals $79.99. You did not pay an "additional" fee. It's the total "fee" broken down into 2 parts.


I think we need to locate that facepalm emote still....


Thank you for your service.

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Im TRULY dissapointed, and is for a certain reason and is that in this same thread they said "We're granting access based solely on when people's pre-orders were redeemed" and why did they say so if it isnt true? I know people who redeemed their codes on DECEMBER and they are playing, how is that they are playing while I redeemed my code on July 28th and I cant?

Lots of you will say that is reasonable because the amount of people, and blablabla but the thing is I was told one thing and it wasnt true, thats why im dissapointed... nothing else.


Im almost sure I wont get to play today and I am also sorry for the staff of this game, they did and AMAZING job that for me and Im sure for other people is beginning a bit ugly.

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How about you shut up. I spent £129 for a CE box and EGA. I don't care if its 5 days or 20 days EGA but it should be from the day the servers open which is today.


Cry me a river!


We all spent money, why is yours any more special?


Its not! So how about you shut up and wait like everyone else has too.

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