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The truth is, people are mad about this botched Early Access for 1 reason only...


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It's not because people are being made to "wait" like you would think.




It's that they are allowing other's to play ahead of everyone else, level faster... gear faster...



I honestly wouldn't feel the slightest bit discontent if i had to wait another week till the 20th to play... and they just allowed everyone in on the same day. They are able too, they just chose not too for whatever reasons.






This game will be probably be dead after initial sales, i have been wanting to play this for a while now, and im actually losing my desire after seeing how they handle this.

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Hello Gooseguy!


We appreciate your interest in wanting to discuss Early Game Access and why certain people were accepted and other weren't but we are going to close this thread as there is already an active thread about it here. We suggest continuing your discussion there.


Thank you!

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