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Terrible Terrible Job Bioware. Just terrible.


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Way to have the worst release of any game this decade.

I get the reason and purpose behind doing it this way, but the way you went about it is horrid.

Why not e-mail people the ETA of their being able to play?

Or have a bar somewhere that shows the threshold of each wave and what dates you were planning on releasing per wave?

Or how about something better than what you did? Anything!

That is all.


I'm not raging or anything, BF3 has kept me more than occupied but its just stupid how everyone is having to check their e-mails every 10 minutes and being disappointed each time.

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Man, it's 2011 - the decade just started and you're calling this the worst? Don't you have faith in humanity that sometime during the next 9 years someone will find a way to be worse?


Correction, past decade. But to answer your question, if other companies learn from this debacle, then no I do not believe another game this decade will have a worse release.

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You my freind talk crap, bioware have done an outstanding job, this is early access, and it is smooth pre launch i have ever seen. great game great client. Oh are you need to troll elsewhere. Disturbs me all you whinging sons of guns moan moan moan,!


get lost and get out less people like all you wow gay boy better off without all these thread after thread talking complete garbage. I say thankyou bioware for the making and foundations of a truely epic mmo. i love it as do thousands of others.



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I get the reason and purpose behind doing it this way.


you obviously dont if you think its a bad idea, would you have rather them let in all 2 million + people log on at once?


you are probably one of those idiots that pre ordered too late and didnt get in the first day

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Because people seem to not understand what they are doing REALLY.. They KNOW exactly how many people their servers can take, and it's higher than what's being allowed in..




Well, there are the stability and queue issues ofcourse.. Anyone can relate to wanting to play it safe..


BUT, the reason they can't state exactly when you can get in, is because it depends on the people that got in before you..


I got in with the last batch yesterday, and it was smooooooth.. I didn't have to queue for ANY quest item/mob at ANY point between beginning until I went to bed after level 10.

Thinking back to other MMO launches, this is an absolute blessing.. I remember RIFT that was really stable and took thousands of players.. A simple kill 10 rats quest in that game could take 2-3 hours the first days.. Until people got properly spread out..


I'm quite sure Bioware is watching their mettrics, and once a good percentage hits level 6-7 they send out the next batch..


The servers are populated and feel alive, and still you're not queuing for a single objective.. It's brilliant!

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So far the best EGA I've had in any MMO. Everything's already smooth and stable, and the game is just a ton of fun to play. And this is before the game has even launched.


Great job BioWare and thanks for making this possible! :D


I just hope they have plenty of servers ready for the horde of rabid fans who continually post here about how they just can't wait to play SWTOR!

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