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Why people "QQ" at early acess.


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There a few reasons for it.


FIRST - BW say they will let in much more today than yesterday, but we don't know how much more they let in yday, 10 000, 30 000, 100 000 ?


And we don't know how more will be "much more" then it can be 30 000 or 300 000 no one but BW knows, they got over 1000 0000 pre-orders thats a lot and people afraid they won't get in, i understand them.


SECOND - people are QQ and whining because we all pay same money for pre-order ( i'm not talking about full game versions CE or normal ) and some "choosen ones" as other see them will get 7 or 6 days of early acess for that money, others on the other hand can get 3-2 of days for same money as the rest, nothing weird they feel cheated by BW.


Only my 2 c.

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