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Make up new Mando’a words


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There was a particular word that I wanted translated to the Mandalorian language. I looked through multiple online Mando’a dictionaries, but could not find it. In fact I find that the language is lacking a great too many words. So I decided to make this thread for words that have not yet been translated into Mando’a. As long as they fit with the language as it currently stands, I think that we should try and make up our own words in Mando’a and see if they catch on.


Oh yeah, the word I wanted translated was crusader. I find it weird that crusader hasn't been translated into Mando’a, considering the Neo-Crusaders and all. Here are my suggestions.


Crusad - Crusader

Crusada - Crusaders


I'm still a novice when in comes to Mando’a, but to me crusader sounds like the kind of word that would be adopted into the language, like Jetii, meaning Jedi.


These sites here are useful for anyone who needs them:




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We have started a culture movement based on the Mandalorian principles and the resol'nare, we are currently offering our members mando'a tutorials via Skype and are looking into new words that have been introduced either by new novels and games.

All parties interested in advancing this real life mandalorian culture may join our community https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aliit-Solyc/142968655803787 While the we do not set out to conquer other worlds, we do offer support in conquering all of life's challenges and promote self improvement and formation of an aliit based on the region.

More info can be obtained with further elaboration on our facebook page.

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Mando'a is a semi-complex language and commonly mixes words together to form a word

I just did this but here the meaning usually is by context


example :

mar'eyir: find


Tor: justice


Mar'eyir'Tor : justice finder= arbitrator,or arbiter could mean avenger, or crusader


Dral: strong


Kar'ta: heart


Beskar: iron


Beskar'Darl'Kar'ta : strong ironed heart: could also mean a crusader, could mean strong willed, emotionless, a statue


its all depends on context

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I'm of the school of thought that Mandalorians would rather re-appropriate existing words for new things than borrowing from other languages. Most words you find that refer to something not of the culture originally are words that describe the concept, such as Bes'uliik for the Basilisk War Droid. Jetii is obviously not of their language, but I find that most other concepts are.


I think the Mandos would refer to the cusaders as simply verde, or warriors. But then come the Neos and they'd have to find a way to describe this new subculture to each other in their language.


I think combining the concept of manda, the oversoul in their religious views, with the word verd describes best what a Mandalorian Crusader is, since the word crusader is a term used for religious warriors.



Manda'verd(e) - Warrior(s) of the manda: Crusader(s)

Evaar'la Manda'verd(e) - the new warrior(s) of the manda: Neo-Crusader(s).

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