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Am I the only one who input my code into swtor 2 days whos not complaining


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I input my game code two days ago into swtor when i input it i expected to wait for some time to gain access bioware have done the right thing i remember with lotro when it came out in the first day the servers crashed twice i would rather wait than have the problems i had in lotro.


I was up today didnt get in on first day isnt such a big issue as far as i am concerned . i have invested the time which i would spend waiting getting my broken desktop computer in order and going to in a bit fix some more parts into the computer so it runs well after fixing the software problem and updating it to windows 7 i now plan to update the hardware and get that fixed so it runs well so i do not have to play off a laptop.


Am i the only one who is not complaining with this and investing my time usefully so when i get the opportunity to play i get the best experience i am thankful bioware has delayed my access enabling me to get everything in order so i can tidy up the house, buy my food shop, get everything in order so when its done not long after i will get the access granted and be able to play with no problems.

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