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I know there are a lot of people upset about the issue of the early access waves and how they've been implemented, and while I don't wish to detract from that in any way, I'm interested in a resolution to the issue of the retracted "Grace Period".


I live in an area where postal services are slow, and with a launch during the guaranteed busiest postal period of the year, I was fairly certain that any pre-order would not be delivered prior to the launch date, or even necessarily before Christmas.


As a result, I held off pre-ordering SWTOR until I could ascertain whether there was an official comment about a grace period, which led me to eventually pre-order when such a comment did occur (not linked here but many have linked the comment already and if needed I'm sure I can hunt it down for this thread).


By pre-ordering late to ensure this, I essentially locked myself out of a big portion of the early access, but I really have no problem with that - I'll get access for a day or two before the official release and that's probably as much as I can expect - no complaints.


What irks me, however, is that now within a week of release, when Amazon has confirmed to me that delivery of the product will not happen until after Christmas, BW has about faced and removed the grace period upon which I made my decision to purchase.


This means I will perhaps have access to play for a day or so in early release, then spend my entire Christmas break (for which I have organised my annual leave in order to enjoy SWTOR) with no access at all.


Now I'm a big boy and I'm sure I'll get over this, but I must point out that I feel pretty ripped off after making a long considered and informed purchase based off official commentary months after pre-orders had begun, only to find that I've now effectively wasted my annual leave and my Christmas break plans are in tatters.


There are many contradictory posts/tweets/automated CS responses from BW about this issue and there still remains no clear answer to the question of the grace period.


If it is a concern that people will use a 7 day grace over Christmas to play the game for free and then cancel their preorder, well I respect this concern but I must say it doesn't show a lot of confidence in a product you've spent years developing to be an immersive long term gaming experience for your customers.


Concurrently I would suggest there are ways to ensure that anyone who does use a grace period is charged for a digital purchase if they haven't inputted a key within a set period, to avoid any preorder cancellation issues.




Now please ignore/troll/flame any of the above as much as ppl desire, but I would like to make one simple request in this post;


Could we (the community) please have an official response to the issue of whether or not the Grace Period will be honoured or made available in any way shape or form for the loyal customers who, through no fault of their own, will not have possession of the physical key upon launch?



Happy Holidays to all (I hope)

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