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Irony of Subjective Forums


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I see this giant wall of text complaining about people complaining about complainers and I thought to myself.


Wouldn't it be awesome to have an off topic area where posts like that could be allowed and discussed until their eyes bleed out in an off topic area where they were sectioned away from people who want to chat about the game community we're trying to build? I remember seeing a dev post about not having an off topic area and it would seem there's a surplus of people on this board, by your own design, have nothing better to do with their lives than make posts complaining about something, when the real problem is they can't play the game right now.


Do yourself a favor and create an Off Topic area for people to waste time in. Give them a silly flash game and tell them if they get a high enough score in it that you'll consider sending the next wave early *but don't tell them that's already the policy*.


From the looks of it there's still a few rather large issues going on in the game anyway. Whatever happens you're getting a better game because of these people who are playing a slightly lesser version of the same game you're going to play.

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