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Why, BioWare, why are you so cruel to people who pre-ordered the game

Why would you decide to discriminate us and give some ppl earlier access then others?

Why do my friends play right now and i am sitting and waiting some unbelievable 2nd wave of your invites?

Why can't you just allow everyone to play who has already preordered?

You know you had issues with pre ordering at the beginning, some of the regions were not in the sales zone, you CAN NOT judge by the time of pre-orders. I was ready to pre order the game when i first herd about it to be developed.

I think it is not fair to everyone, it is fair only to the people from the main sales region - USA and Canada.

You are being to cruel to the people who want to play with their friends who actually already got invites, you can not even understand how aggravating and sad to see your friends lvl chars without you, after you have been planning set ups and builds for years and particularly past few months. Now after what you have came up to, some of us has to lvl "alts" without even starting mains, some of us have to go forward and lvl alts after, it is all complicated because of your brilliant idea.

Why have you done all this stress test for past 2 weekends? Everyone had hopes that you have done it to allow everyone who pre ordered the game start playing on 15th (not even 13th).

In my opinion you ruined the effect of MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAME LAUNCH doing this.

Please think what you are doing, some of us suffer a lot from your decisions, some of us dont know when to take a week off from work to lvl chars and dont think about anything. Doing this YOU DO NOT allow US to plan our scheduel!! Please think again and you still have 15th coming up. Please make it right.

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I cannot believe the demands I am seeing in these forums.


"I can't play. Other people get more free days than me. WAH WAH WAH!"


"Give me all seven days free, too! This isn't fair! Q Q Q Q!"


Seriously, get over it. I want to play, too. I can't. I didn't pre-order until late September. OH WELL!


It's actually nice to see a first come, first served attitude. People who pre-ordered early DESERVE to get in first.


People who put in their codes late DESERVE to get in late. They were so extremely clear about putting in the code and the earlier, the better. Obviously if it was a screw-up on you getting your code, that sucks but that isn't the publisher's mistake, it's the supplier's.


Not to mention that EVERYONE gets 30-days free and these are all extra days.


I'll play when I am invited. I wish it was now, but I waited. I earned my spot in the early access line. So did everyone else here, wherever your spot is.


And no, I don't expect them to tell us "this date code entered=this day.hour.minute you get early access."


Seriously... >.<

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Hey Everyone,


We ask that topics posted in General Discussion stay focused on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Since this thread is off-topic, we're going to close it. If you would like to discuss Early Game Acces, for now we ask that you post any comments, concerns, or feedback in our designated Final Wave Sent thread.


We appreciate your feedback, as well as taking the time to express your thoughts and concerns, but will be closing this thread as there is little room for constructive discussion. A reminder that regardless of the topic, it is part of our Rules of Conduct that:

  • Never insult another member of the community.
  • Respect other community members, whether they agree with you or not.
  • Flag, don't fight. Use the "flag" feature to report posts to our Community Team if you see someone breaking the rules – don't respond to them!
  • Don't make spam posts like "first," "in before the lock," or "bump."
  • Make constructive, on-topic posts that add to the discussion.

Thank you for understanding.

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