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An earnest "Keep up the good work!" to the Devs/Mods/Etc.


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So with all the angst and hate going on in these forums, I would just like to take a moment to thank the teams at BW for their continued efforts in making this pre-Launch as smooth as possible.


I don't really want to point fingers at any other players or anything. I just want to congratulate the men and women over at BW and let them know that there are some (hopefully a lot) of people who have some idea of what kind of stress they are going through to allow us to play this game an extra two days early on top of the potential five days we were promised (remember that even if you did not get in today, you are still going to be able to play two days earlier than you would have been able to originally).


And on top of that, so far things have been incredibly smooth considering the number of people that have been swamping the website and forums. I would highly doubt that any other MMO has had as many people at launch/pre-launch as SWTOR does considering that...well it's Star Wars.


So I wanted to create this thread for those of us out there to say "Good job thus far BioWare; we believe in you!" and "Keep up the great work!".


And to those of you who may say I'm just saying this in order to get invited into the game earlier, I pre-ordered in early August and I work almost all day tomorrow, so I have no real interest in trying to smooch my way into the game. :)

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