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Convo Option without Alignment Gain but Screen Half-Fades


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Title isn't exactly clear so I'll explain what I'm talking about.


Recently I've been stumbling across some conversation options that cause the screen to do a sort of "half-fade" to black (similar to the way the screen fills with light blue or red when choosing an alignment option) but these options have no alignment gains for either side. I'm wondering if anyone has figured out what this cue means, such as if there's some sort of hidden personality meter we have that affects how NPCs view us in the future.


The two examples I have seen so far:



On my 50 Jedi Guardian, I unlocked Lord Scourge's third companion conversation. At the end, there's an option to say, "I've learned a lot from you too" and it causes the aforementioned behavior (and gains some more Scourge affection).


For my new Smuggler on Ord Mantell, during the Security Breach mission at Mannet Point, after you hack the computer and the guy and his droid come in asking about the bodies, there's an option that says "That's what that smell is?" or something like that and it causes the aforementioned behavior (and kinda pisses off the NPC, but the option had no [Attack] indicator next to it).



Since I chose mostly nice stuff on my Guardian all the way to 50, the example I mentioned above was the first instance of seeing this effect. However, I managed to see it pretty early on my Smuggler and I'm guessing I'll see more as I level him. I'm just curious if anyone has also seen this and seen any resulting NPC interaction changes from it.

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