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  1. I was at one time as well, believe me I wanted to believe the hype going into this game. But it didn't meet it, and I think I kind of knew it wouldn't because it has the same problems all MMO's are plagued by, the goal is to extract money first and create a great product second. Whereas a great single player game can really put its heart into being the best game it can be, and not have the pressure of having to constantly churn out new stuff to satisfy a rabid fan base. Don't think it matters though, EA has control now and they don't consider single player games a viable market, so we're going to continue to get things like this.
  2. I'm not going to say go tank or mara, but why not vengeance if you're insistent on DPS jugg? It's noticeably tankier than rage, and actually does something slightly different from mara, instead of just acting like a squishier rage mara. As long as you're respectful of teammates trying to CC with your dot spread, you can probably get more mileage out of it in most games. You lose burst obviously, but you can gain significant survivability in some matchups if you can consistently get your charge off on cooldown, not to mention any stuns you can get your opponent to blow are game changers. The nice thing about veng is all of its DR is additive, so you're at 50% DR after charge or with Endure Pain up, and 70% if both are active. The sucky thing is its even more neutered than rage is when being rooted since you're so dependent on charge and you don't have Obliterate or Intercede as additional breakers, but if you save Enrage and Mad Dash specifically to get extra charges off, you should be ok for the first 20-30 seconds. Last point, if your team isn't going to coordinate CC, you can deal significantly more overall damage as vengeance with some dot spread, and in 4 dps games, it'll all add up since no dedicated healer. I'm not saying rage doesn't have its advantages over veng, but since its just basically a crappier fury mara, why not try the spec that brings something slightly unique to the table? This is all in theory, I haven't played ranked in a few seasons, although when I did it was as vengeance mostly for solos. The biggest difference between then and now for that spec specifically is the 3 second ravage, which was obviously harder to pull off but gave you actual burst potential, current veng is very mediocre for burst and feels almost like playing hatred sin sometimes.
  3. ED is so easy to play around, you don't even have to kite the duration, just use a rapid fire attack (rapid shots is great for this) a couple times and burn all his stacks, boom he's healed but has no DR and you can resume killing the Jugg. In a balanced match in which both sides have healers, ED does very little. Its only powerful in 1v1 scenarios, and in those you actually CAN out kite and CC to outplay it. Adding a rate limit could help make it more useful, but I prefer a lowered cooldown or increased duration of Saber Reflect personally. It makes no sense that Mercs get a more powerful reflect, without even having to use utility points to buff it. You don't even have to add melee damage to Jugg reflect, just make it 6 seconds baseline like the Merc one. Have the utility work to the effect of reducing its cooldown when you're attacked, this way it winds up similar to Operative Evasion utility. Boom, DPS Jugg now has a good on demand cooldown that's up fairly often, and perfectly fits with the style of the class (single saber users are known for deflecting blaster bolts), and allows them to compete with tanksins with on-demand DR. Of course, at that point you gotta go ahead and give PT's the Merc Reflect so they're not lagging too far behind.
  4. If anybody can salvage the dumpster fire Kathleen Kennedy and Abrams have started, its Filoni, but I still loathe the entire idea of the First Order and Resistance and badly wish we could have seen what Lucas came up with instead. He was always pretty friendly with EU stuff and I think would have tried to at least respect some of that, also the idea that the New Republic completely flops and becomes the Resistance so quickly is ridiculous and a lame attempt at recreating the Rebels vs Empire situation of the OT. Luke Skywalker and the movies are still dead to me, but I guess this show could be good.
  5. This. TBH I preferred being able to stance dance, I feel like it only got taken out because it was OP for Juggs, but all they'd have to do is add a cast time to it and make more Vengeance abilities rely on Shien (it wasn't as good for Rage since many of that specs abilities relied on Shii-cho).
  6. I am! Actually tabbed out of the game right now, just posting here while I browse stuffs.
  7. Because I have plenty of disposable income so I don't mind helping friends raid. If I'm paying, I might as well voice my displeasure, especially considering this and Battlefront are the only recently released Star Wars games I'll get to play in the near future. EDIT: That also makes me laugh that people are claiming this isn't a hugbox when you can't even post here if you aren't subbed to the game. Also its only trolling if you post specifically to get a rise out of others, I'm posting my sincere thoughts on the game, I didn't want to believe the TORtanic hype and tried to like it, but it really did flop badly.
  8. To answer, I resubbed to help some friends raid. So I figure as long as I have posting privileges, I'll talk about my dislike of the game on its official forums. Its unlikely to make any change, but every little bit helps. I understand its a bit of a hugbox here as most Bioware forums are, frankly, I don't care.
  9. How does anyone explain that? Recently went back and replayed KOTOR and it holds up better today than this game does. The combat is more interesting since leveling in this game is a complete joke, the story is a thousand times better, you can mod it so instead of spending real life money on gambling packs you get what you want for free, and it has a satisfying conclusion. The only thing this game offers is terrible PvP, and operations which they've stopped working on and most people don't even run. I just don't get how anyone can support this awful business model. Sub to this game for a year and you pay 180 dollars, you can buy KOTOR on Steam for 5 dollars and have 175 left for any other games of your choosing, and this is without even touching the gambling packs (I'm sorry, "cartel market").
  10. Well he also called us a DPS burst class. My point was for Vig/Veng, which is definitely not a burst spec. Even when it was a 3 second Ravage, it wasn't although it had some burst, but now, Vig/Veng is one of the least bursty specs in the game, the only 20k+ attack you can get is Impale and you usually need stacks of Pooled Hatred to see that, and its only an auto crit once a minute.
  11. All you have to do to ruin a concealment operatives day is never whitebar him and spam roots. He'll have to burn evasion and any other root breaks he's spec'd, after that he'll go down quick. If you whitebar him you're dumb and he's going to roll around you all day long.
  12. You don't understand how CC is counted in this game. Every CC you just listed even without dealing damage still classify as force/tech attacks, meaning if you have force/tech resist chance, you can resist them. Since RA currently gives resist chance instead of damage reduction, it means while it is active, the Marauder resists 75% of all CC used on him.
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